Spotlight Capital Holdings, Inc. OTC: SLCH

Spotlight Capital Holdings, Inc. announces now that it has been approved, through the SEC, to issue Regulation A+ shares of its common stock for the development of capital financing specific to its projects advancing past contractual and concept phase. Spotlight is in a unique position to finance its current entertainment and business projects that meets or exceeds meticulous business-oriented standards and criteria previously set forth by Spotlight's ownership and management. Contractual agreements are complete and the next phase is to expand and deploy its unique niches into the entertainment industry marketplace. The micro-cap capital marketplace has experienced positive changes in just a short few years. Spotlight has positioned itself to be a part of these new opportunities. Spotlight's mission is to expand these opportunities to current and future investors. Spotlight Capital, operating as a holding company, is now in the position to move forward into a finance capital campaign for the acquisition and development of its current and future business holdings. Spotlight is currently offering the opportunity for current and future investors to be involved via a Regulation A+ Subscription Agreement. Click here for more information.

Spotlight Capital Holdings, Inc. is currently concentrating on its administrative and overall corporate capital development share structure in anticipation of finalizing business relationships and intellectual property development. Spotlight ownership and management is diligently committed to taking the necessary steps required to accomplish its objectives of sustained growth for its acquisitions, and the development of its operating entities as well as profitability for its current and future shareholders. Spotlight has established beneficial relationships with familiar names attached to successful projects in the entertainment industry. Spotlight is occupied daily with creating new and sustainable financial relationships as the company moves forward towards its final business objectives in an effort to collaborate with some of this familiar named talent. Click here for more information.