Spotlight Capital Holdings is a publicly held company Listed on OTC Pink Markets Symbol: SLCH.

Spotlight's primary Holdings


Cinema House

Cinema House is an Over The Top "OTT" catalog procurement service that would provide media content to established OTT service providers such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Cinema House also has the capabilities to produce and distribute its own content and creative ventures. CINEMAHOUSE

Music & Film

We offer worldwide distribution on any size project. Our producers and directors can enhance any project. MUSIC FILM

Music AD's Platform

JUKEBOX SWAP is a platform to sell old vintage music and musical items. JUKEBOX SWAP


IEG Entertainment is a first class booking, management and promotions company based in Atlanta, Georgia. IEG Entertainment presents and promotes world class entertainers, comedians and musicians on a national and international level. IEG LIVE


Chevine Transport

Chevine Transport is an over the road long haul trucking company. The company operates as an interstate motor carrier authorized in 48 states to transport dry freight. As a driver owned and operated company, Chevine’s core structure is based on safety and efficient operations. Chevine Transport currently owns 4 Class 8 trucks. Currently, under the umbrella of a public holdings company, Chevine will have access to the capital required to increase the fleet, gain more qualified drivers and also obtain multiple trucking terminals in key areas throughout the southern U.S. and eventually expand into the contiguous 48 states.

Chevine Transport


Spotlight's proprietary digital business platform is called "SPoTNIC" SPoTNIC is an acronym for Social Platform of Things Networking Internet Commerce. SPoTNIC is the symbiotic integration of secure decentralized digital data distribution virtually through all forms of internet and wireless technology. The main function of Spotlight's proprietary "Digital Business Platform" is digital data communication via secure software/hardware interoperability.

The SPoTNIC Hub and its web-ware will provide its customers and consumers:

  • Secure digital and voice data communications.
  • Protected vital data distribution.
  • Sustainability and guaranteed uptime.
  • Multiple simultaneous communication transactions.
  • Collaborative software capability.
  • Scalability for internet commerce growth.
  • Custom off the shelf software integration.
  • Download/upload content capability.
  • Cyber-security and real time forensics.
  • Pre-integrated decentralized payment system apps.
  • Processing and exchange of 27 international currencies and 11 cryptocurrencies.
  • Decentralized financial data transactions.
  • Non-fungible token exchange.