Chevine Transport, LLC

About Chevine

Chevine Transport LLC is a trucking company based in Palm Bay, Florida. Founded in 2019 by Lesline Johnson, Chevine specializes in transporting goods nationwide with an emphasis on safety and efficiency. Ms. Johnson has over five years of experience in the transportation industry as both a commercial driver and owner/operator for one of the largest trucking companies in the country.

Business Overview

Chevine Transport is an over the road long haul trucking company. The company operates as an interstate motor carrier authorized in 48 states to transport dry freight. As a driver owned and operated company the company’s core structure is based on safety and efficient operations.


We are committed to delivering safe and efficient services within the trucking industry by implementing proven technologies that enhance Chevine operations.


Chevine company operates a fleet of modern, fuel-efficient semi-trucks that can transport freight from one point to another. We primarily operate in the Southeast and Southern Regions via "Spot Market" – an on-demand marketplace for trucking companies offering their services as well as those who require capacity around certain areas at any given time. By utilizing loads boards with Third Party Logistics Services (3PLS) we have centralized access 365 days out of the year, so you never miss your pickups or deliveries.


Below is a list of various services that Chevine Transport offers its customers and are flexible to what they may require and that are not limited to:

  • FTL - Full Truck load
  • LTL - Less Than Truck Load
  • Power Only – Drop and Hook
  • Expedited – Team Drivers


The trucking industry has been on a steady rise for years now, with freight market being worth an estimated 900 billion dollars in the United States alone. Truckers are expected to be playing larger role as online shopping continues at rapid speeds which will only increase demand over time! In United States 80% of its freight is transported by trucks. The increase demand will only accelerate the need for trucks and truck drivers with many analysts predicting an increase from the current 5% to 27% over the next decade.


Chevine Transport currently owns 4 diesel trucks. By going public, the company will raise funds to grow the company fleet and obtain multiple trucking terminals in key areas. As the company continues to rapidly grow. The company is currently exploring a vertical integration model that integrates other specialized transportation companies offering a greater range of services to render to Chevine clients. With enhanced technologies dispatching, planning, and delivery of freights can increase efficiency and profitability.


The logistics and transportation industry is growing at an exponential rate. Many businesses are looking at ways to help solve large scale problems and we believe we have found a solution that can help address the supply chain bottlenecking currently affecting the United States of America supply chain where companies aren't able to deliver goods on time by Chevine operating in the spot market we can scale rapidly to sustain capacity demands. Throughout the years we have learned a few things along the way. One of these truths is that supply chains require constant motion to ensure goods are delivered on time. Every delay or obstacle can cause further setbacks not only costly delays but it could potentially cause supply, supply shortages on products that are in demand. Companies must quickly adapt to the changes in supply chains whether it is due to natural disasters or opportunities. What we do at Chevine Transport is help companies with their supply chain issues through truckload (TL) and less than truckload (LTL) brokerage services; however, supply chains have constantly been looking for more efficient supply chain solutions from providing on-demand services to getting Dedicated freight carriers. Chevine Transport has the supply chain solutions to help companies solve their current and future supply chain problems. Chevine offers a full-service transportation management system (TMS) where we can work on getting the best pricing for Chevine clients which could mean significant savings in labor, freight costs and other transportation expenses whilst meeting their supply chain demands on short notices.

Target Market and Projection

Chevine transport target market is in the regional interstate freight transportation services. This market consists of transportation lanes within the range of 800 miles or less between the busiest ports in the United States. Key areas for freight transport will include Texas, California and Florida. As the industry demands matures, the employment opportunities for CDL Class A drivers will increase. Providing regional routes for drivers will be an advantage for Chevine as most over the road drivers are wanting to spend more time at home. Chevine Transport company will provide these lanes which makes it more likely that drivers will be closer to home and to their families.