Spotlight Capital Holdings Inc.

Business Summary

Welcome to the digital home of Spotlight Capital Holdings, Inc. Spotlight is structured as a business holdings company and is currently functioning as a business acquisition specialist with an emphasis on attaining additional corporate entities. Spotlight Capital Holdings has been working diligently to create a finance structure that is robust enough to power through these business acquisitions. Spotlight Capital chose the public finance marketplace as the foundation for developing capital to support Spotlight's acquisition and development goals. To be specific, Spotlight wanted the transparency and regulatory advantages of operating as a stock issuing company. However, because of the rigorous reporting coupled with the endless rules and regulations through the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Spotlight has encountered many unforesee obstacles which has slowed its progress in capital development. The daily encounter of business hurdles and obstacles has not deterred Spotlight nor its management. In fact, by remaining diligent in its capital finance efforts, several business acquisition opportunities have emerged while finalizing the capital development structure of Spotlight's business plans. Click here for more information.

As a “publicly traded” holdings company, Spotlight relies upon the development of capital to accomplish its mission of not only acquiring or developing business content, but to also provide a stable economic environment for its future operations as well as its projected growth patterns. Now that Spotlight has been approved for a Regulation A+ capital finance development campaign, by and through the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the target market acquisition and current intellectual property development phase is moving forward in a swift but vigilant process. Click here for more information.

Being involved in the entertainment industry is natural for the owners of Spotlight as the current management has developed many business-friendly relationships within the entertainment industry for decades. Entertainment businesses are a target market for Spotlight and there has been some success in negotiating with several different companies to achieve specific acquisition and development goals. In addition, Spotlight is remaining diligent by continuing efforts to further develop and eventually launch some unique intellectual property utilizing its current proprietary technology. Presently, a small but collaborative group of these business acquisitions and entertainment ideas are undergoing integration and development 24/7/365 in an all-out-effort to exploit a unique niche currently not addressed by the entertainment industry. Populating the Regulation A+ Subscription Agreement with investor capital, through the issuance of publicly regulated stock shares, launches Spotlight's business efforts into a solid foundation of growth and trajectory that will achieve all of its business objectives. Click here

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