Supporting Talent and Movies Across the World


Making Stars Shine Bright

Spotlight Capital Holdings, Inc. is run by a team of passionate music lovers, since 2000 We are firm believers in discovering new artists, nurturing their creativity and helping them to achieve sustainable success. We work with a diversity of artists across the musical spectrum, and endeavour to provide a one-stop shop for live music bookings, and private bookings.

We've got a dedicated in-house promoter that works side by side with our agents. For more information, contact the team directly. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions!


Film Acquisitions

The film and video distribution division of Spotlight Capital is engaged in various media distribution of films and videos produced by various partners and including from our studios as well as digital streaming and developing additional digital content. The company has begun acquiring distribution rights to deliver specific content to T.V. broadcasting and cable networks as well as movie theaters. The target markets are specific to first and second run Films, Direct to Video content, and Television Programming.